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Flamenco @El Pimiento at
El Pimiento
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Flamenco @El Pimiento

El Pimiento in Mojácar Pueblo is a Legendary nightclub since 1969 and has been completely renovated to offer shows and a summer terrace. There are two shows per evening at 19.00 and 20.30. Every Thursday / Friday / Saturday. July artists include: Anabel Veloso, Zarrita, David de la Fragua, Mayte Beltran, Rocio Zamora, Gabri Perez, Alberto Funes, Raquel Sierra, Marta Bonilla, Marina Lopez, Juan David Lazaro. See listings and posters for more regular details. (also the Facebook link here)

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Photo of El Pimiento

El Pimiento

Art and enjoyment in Mojacar pueblo. A venue to enjoy regular live flamenco performances - Book your ticket: 647163681 (more details in the Facebook link below) (C. Puntica, 3, 04638 Mojácar Pueblo).

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